What different habits may your dog have?

Dogs are friendly pets. Those who own enjoy their company as dogs are not a guard for them; instead, it is the ideal companion. Although dogs do different activities yet they have some unusual habits also. Let’s find what activities your dog may have and how you should enjoy their unusual activity.


Digging the grass in hot weather is a favorite hobby of most dogs. They love to extract cool mud and enjoy sitting there, but sometimes digging so more than a limit, and you feel your garden grass is going to damage. So, if this case is with you and you are finding the solution to stop your dog from digging, then we have an answer for you. You can take him inside and keep him indoors, so don’t go there, provide a relaxed and comfortable seat so he can sit there and do not move out. But, if still, he goes there you can kee the sandbox filled with wet soil to do digging there and does not hurt to grass.

Eating grass

Although dogs eat flesh and meat yet, they love vegetables and grains also. In addition, some dogs love to eat grass. Many people don’t know about this habit and ask a question that why do dogs eat grass? The answer is that they want fibers, and they fulfill their fibrous diet by eating grass. Moreover, the owners give the dog grass to induce vomiting if it feels unwell. Furthermore, to get distracted from boredom or fulfill their nutrition, dogs eat grass. The grass is full of dietary fiber; thus, they eat to fulfill their nutrition as it is a source of extra roughage.

Changing dog habits

If your dog is doing annoying activities and wants to change that know the activity you want to induce in him, he leaves the previous one. Then check how your dog reacts to this new activity and stay communicated with him. Stop the activity if the dog feels bored or getting annoyed. In such a situation, use some other activity trick.

It is essential to bring change to the dog as practicing bad habits may be dangerous for his health. The activities also vary from breed traits. So you know about the dog its habits and the try to change them.

You can do the following things, so he cant dig grass, eats grass, or damage your sofa covers. 

  • You should involve in an activity like playing ball, jumping, high five, and rolling over. Change the activity frequently, so he doesn’t get bored and start practicing such activities on his own.
  • Keep a lot of toys for him, so he plays with them during playtime
  • You can keep the mat on which he can do an activity like digging grass.
  • Add fibrous grains and vegetables to his diet, so he doesn’t prefer eating grass.
  • Moreover, when he starts digging or such activity, he immediately picks him from the place and diverts his attention, so he starts forgetting about the activity.
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