What to do to stop dog barking when home alone?

Sometimes sit happens you have to go somewhere where you can’t take your dog with you. Therefore, you have to left him alone at home. In such a situation dog become afraid or annoyed, and he starts barking. This is annoying for the neighbored, and they want to kill him out. Thus, to prevent such a situation, the question arises in mind how to stop dog barking when home alone? The answer is simple. You have to apply specific tips and strategies to keep your pet calm when home alone.

Reasons why dogs bark?

When dogs have left home alone, they start barking but no always. There are several reasons behind it: restlessness, separation anxiety, boredom, and fear cause him to do so. So, if you want that your dog does not to bark and stay calm, then use a trick, so he keeps on sleeping because the dog sleeps much, so do something he keeps on sleeping for maximum time.


Do and practice several exercises. If your dog has a habit of exercise, it will not be difficult for you to leave him alone. When you have to leave him home alone because of a particular reason on that day, take 3o minute extra and do exercise with a dog. This will make him tired, and he will sleep tight. Maybe for the whole day. In this way, he will stay calm, and no barking sound will be heard outside.

Keep him involved

There are certain commercial and homemade toys and puzzles available for the dog. You should give your dog some activity. You can place some teats around the kong toy. The dog will try to snatch out a treat from it and stay away from extra barking. Moreover, you can keep the stuffed toys around him, so he feels someone is lying around him.

Familiar sounds

You can arrange some familiar sounds at home. For example, you can switch on your video on tv or switch on a stereo system having your noises recorded in it. In this way, his attention will remain diverted, and he will not bark. This is an excellent solution to keep the dog silent and calm. Thus, no more neighbors will get annoyed by barking dogs.

Citronella collars

Citronella is the oil of lemongrass that is present in incense, candles, and perfumes. The soothing fragrance is best to calm down the dog. The collars are available with citronella that bursts spray when dog bark. When the dog starts making noise, the spray comes out that diverts the dog’s attention. Sometimes dog learns about the spray, and he changes his tone or starts whispering, so the collar does not emit spray, while the collar sometimes doesn’t work with small dogs because it does not tightly fit around their neck.

These are few ways that will help you to keep your dog humble and calm. You don’t need to be worried if you practice such tricks on them. They will learn, and when you go out of the home, they will stay humble.

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