Why does my dog follow me everywhere?

Why does my dog follow me? The researches have revealed that dog follows their owners. Usually, people are stalked by their pet because the dog is inclined to walk around its owner and follow wherever the person goes. Actually, it is the natural behavior of the dog. So if a question arises in your mind that why does my dog follow me? Then it is normal behavior. Instead, you may say it indicates your dog is healthy. In contrast, if the dog is not following you, it means he has abnormal behavior and is not healthy. Thus you should be conscious that your dog stops following you.

Now let’s discuss why dogs follow their owners? A few of the reasons are given below.

If your dog follows you everywhere, even to the bathroom, then it means he is endearing or loves you a lot because of the extra care you do for him. There exist some science behind this following that indicates the affection of the pet for the owner.


Usually, the dog follows the owners because of the extra love and care they get from owners. It is the strong bond of reinforcements. For example, if you give him food, do fun activities with him and cuddle him, then he starts following you because he knows you are the person who cares for him a lot.

Breed type

Almost all dogs follow their owners, but certain traits are quite sensitive, and little affection causes them to follow the person. For example, Velcro dog is a well-known dog trait that always wants to be around you. They are the clingy type that always desires to stay close to owners.


The dogs love companionship. Someone who makes them friends, then a dog becomes their companion too. If you love to keep your dog healthy, then it’s good to take care of him. Provide food on time, play with him, bathe him and take him to walk. Thus, the complete time spends with the dog adds confidence in him, and he starts following you. Maybe the purpose is to guard the owner.

When to notice when dog stop following?

Sometimes it happens your dog start remaining in their seat or the corner but not follow you. If this happens for one time or in a day, then there is no need to worry, but if it happens frequently, you should focus on why he is not following you. This may occur because of separation anxiety. If you are busy and unable to give your pet time, he feels and starts considering himself alone. If this is happening, then you should spare a day and give him time. In case you are busy in your meetings, then install a wireless dog fence.  In this way, you can keep him outside, and he plays there. Keep some balls and other toys that you think he loves to play with. And off and on, ask someone to attend the dog if you are not available. 

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